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Use the Doorhop app to consolidate vaccination records and ID’s and create a vaccination status profile. ​

Your profile can be added to your Yes! band and accessed by taping the band to any phone or devices with an NFC reader.

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Consolidate, show and hop!

Unfortunately, the Covid19 pandemic has meant that the free access we previously enjoyed is regulated now for the protection and well-being of all. Fortunately, the development of vaccines has brought hope to see the end of this disease soon and new normality that includes some controls that prevent further increases in infections. Doorhop is the app that will help manage access to places like offices, schools, restaurants, sports facilities, concerts, and many other places and situations that require it.

Users of the Doorhop app can consolidate their vaccination credentials in one place for fast and secure access when they need it. In addition to the application, Doorhop brings the “Yes! Band”, a wrist band with an NFC sensor that allows programming the profile of vaccination credentials in a garment that lets everyone know that the user is vaccinated. In this way, the Doorhop system provides easy and safe access and peace of mind.

Data Privacy

Your private information is safe. We combine top notch development with structured cyber security to provide the privacy your information deserves.

Traveler Friendly

Doorhop provides a solution to consolidate your vaccination credentials from anywhere in the world. Together, the app with the band will grant you access and peace of mind.

Fast Validation

Making big lines to your events should be a thing of the past. Use your Yes! band to validate your information. It’s as easy as a tap.

Our People’s Feedback

Some kind words from our users


“Wherever I have shown my vaccination credentials in the Doorhop app, they have been accepted without issue. And people love the band.”

“Peace of mind”

“I went to a concert where proof of vaccination was required. I did not carry my card or worry about having a photo, because I knew that the information is in Doorhop. I submitted my evidence on the app and they accepted it without issue.”

“All I needed”

It’s my “Go-To” app to show proof of my Covid-19 Vaccinations. I don’t even remember where I left my vaccination card, I just show Doorhop everywhere I go. Even after forgetting my Yes! Band sometimes… so simple yet so useful.

“Thanks Yes! Band”

I came to a restaurant and had left my phone. I panicked … I immediately remembered that I had the Yes! band in my handbag and enter without problem….

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