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Your profile and credentials can be added to your Yes! band and accessed by tapping the band on any phone or device with an NFC reader.

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Consolidate, show and hop!

Covid-19 protocols have changed worldwide, and we have reinvented the Doorhop app . Doorhop is the app that will help manage access to places like offices, schools, restaurants, sports facilities, concerts, and many other places and situations that require it.

Users of the Doorhop app can now access new options like sharing your business contact, website, pharmacy and insurance, and others. In addition to the application, Doorhop brings the Yes! band, a wrist band with an NFC sensor, allows programming your profile with your contact information that can be shared with others, such as your business contact, personal contact, health information, upcoming events, and family members. The Doorhop system provides fast, secure, and effective access to everywhere you go.

Data Privacy

Your information is safe. We combine top notch development with structured cyber security to provide the privacy your information deserves.

Traveler Friendly

Doorhop works from anywhere in the world. Together, the app with the band will grant you easy access to your contact information and other credentials.

Fast Validation

Business cards should be a thing of the past . Use your Yes! band to validate your information. It’s as easy as a tap.

How we help our people

Here are some advantages for our users


You no longer must carry with a bunch of business cards in your pocket or wallet. With a simple scan with the band, anyone can have your contact information automatically saved on their devices.

Peace of mind

Be at ease to have all your medical credentials in one place. When visiting a doctor’s appointment, show them your medical records from the app, and they will accept it without issue.

All you need

Make it your “Go-To” app. It will make your life so much easier to access all your credentials. Take them anywhere you want and know that by entering the app, you have it all saved and secured.

The Yes! Band

The app with the band is the best combination ever. Feel safe being able to control what you want to share with others, and it’s so easy for them to scan the band… so simple yet so useful. Highly recommended for our users.

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